Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review of "A Physician's Plight" by Dr. Katherine Klein

I just finished "A Physician's Plight" last night, and Dr. Klein's story broke my heart. It follows her story from her youth through final personal triumph with twenty years of heartache in between. This book is well-written and moves at a good clip. It does a good job of sharing just enough that we can actually feel it from the inside. As the title suggests, there is an interesting contrast between Dr. Klein's escalating personal struggles and stories from inside the hospital.

Having lived through my wife's own struggles for custody of her son, I empathized with Dr. Klein's story. It's amazing what family court can sometimes conclude. Reality seems to have very little to do with their decisions in many cases.

This was a brave story. I thank Dr. Klein for sharing it and recommend it to anyone who likes a good, personal memoir.

Monday, December 3, 2012

The record is finished!

I've talked about my friend, Becky on here. Getting to know her again this summer and fall has been an amazing experience. I had no idea how much I missed her all those years until I had her back. I just love her so much. It's just a special bond that goes all the way back to kindergarten in a little town with 47 people. There's no way to describe it. Well, the CD has been much of what we've talked about. After a lifetime of singing, she finally took the plunge into the studio. She's been working on it for months. Well...

Oh my goodness! One of the most incredible moments of my life was at 6:00 am last Thursday morning. That was her worldwide radio debut on KZNN in Rolla, Missouri. She was so excited when they let her know that she drove down to her mom's just to sit in her car and listen. That station is a long way from my house, but I took a shot and drove as far east as I could before six...left about ten minutes early.

Well, about 5:56, the station started fading out of rock to Garth Brooks. It was going back and forth between the two. She was on a country station, so I pulled over when Garth was coming in strong. I was trying to hear the call letters (KZNN). I never heard them.

At 6:00 sharp, I heard my friend's angelic voice, though!! She kicked off the morning show. It was her song "Keep Christ In Christmas" which is very radio friendly. I sat there and cried.

My friend from kindergarten who loves nothing in the world more than singing was being played on my truck radio, and I got to hear it. Just a couple months ago, I talked with her for hours helping her decide whether to continue in the singing contest she was in or spend that money to go record this CD. I convinced her the CD would give her more return. I helped her get the CD submitted...three hours on the phone. My wife and I have been travelling a couple hours every couple weeks just to hang with her and hear her sing...and because she's a blast! We've spent hours and hours talking about and working on this CD. I didn't help with the recording, but I did help her get it from songs to a release. She told my wife the other day that I was getting credits on the sleeve "for pure awesomeness". I don't know if she was joking or not. It's hard to tell sometimes. Thursday morning, I heard her on the radio for the first time. I heard her biggest dream come true. By some magic of the airwaves, I heard it across the state. I Mapquested it once I got to work. I was 114 miles away.

It was great!

Since then, she's been put into the rotations on several stations in the eastern part of Missouri with more coming on all the time. It's been a whirlwind this week. The CD isn't even available (but will be very soon), and she's already on the radio!! Hopefully things will calm down soon so we can hang out. Meanwhile, it's been fun chatting with her at night. It's just amazing. She's amazing. You can hear the full album on Reverbnation if you'd like. The originals are the last two songs on the playlist, but the whole thing is incredible. I'm soooooo proud of her.


Christmas Lullaby by Becca Lee Roberts