Friday, February 28, 2014

I'm back!

Good morning, y'all! How's everybody doing? Sorry it's been so long since I did a post. My step-dad had an amputation of his left leg in October that didn't take then they took it off higher in November. He's been in the hospital ever since trying to heal. Been kind of busy. I took my wife to the Nashville Universe award show last weekend in Nashville which was a blast. I always have fun in Nashville. I'm doing a writing test this morning then I'm done with another GED!! I do one a month, so my life is kind of marked in GED tests. Each one is one month closer to retiring. LOL

I might take off at noon after the test. My step-dad is getting the test run again today. It was supposed to be Monday, but the wound vac woman came early to check it and change the sponge. They didn't want to take it off at hyperbaric to run the test. She was thrilled with the progress!! It's almost closed in the middle and the ends are healing a whole lot faster.

They'll be looking at it down at hyperbaric today. This is the first time the wound care doctor has seen it in a couple weeks. We're kind of excited to see what he says. He told my mom the other day when the test got postponed that he doesn't care what the test says. The wound is healing. His eyes tell him that. Butch has heard them give other people time frames like "five more treatments" or "ten more treatments". We think he might get one today!!! His leg looks like it's about that time.

It's healing up nicely now. The pain is quite managable...better than it has been in years. He's missing part of a leg, but that's not a big deal. He's just ready to get home. My mom said this morning that she thinks this is 122 days in the hospital. Time to get home.

I have a friend whose dad got a pacemaker a few weeks ago. She told me,"He's been in the hospital for a whole week! He sure is ready to get home."

We'll be thrilled when we've only got a week left!!