Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Becca Lee Roberts music!!

I don't think there have been any updates on my friend, Becky, in a while. Well, there is new Becca Lee Roberts music!! She spent a week in Nashville earlier in the month recording two new, original singles. The first one was mastered last night and is now available for a listen on Reverbnation!! The title of this song is "Dangerous Game", and she is very happy with it. I first heard this song on the phone just before she left for the studio. She'd just finished the first verse and chorus.

It came out great. You can hear it along with her entire Christmas Album (Christmas Lullaby) for free on Reverbnation.

Dangerous Game by Becca Lee Roberts

It will be available in the Amazon MP3 store and on Itunes within a few weeks. Once the entire record is finished, she'll release the CD!!

Everybody have a great day. It's snowing again here, but summer is just around the corner. Smile and be kind.


Been a while...

Well, it's been a while since I did an update. We have a lot of news in my part of the world. First, we have a baby granddaughter on the way! We almost got to meet her last night, but it was a false start. This will be the first granddaughter and the first from our son, so she'll always be special.

After twelve hours in labor (several in three minute labor), they sent mama home!! She wasn't dilating any more and was stuck at 2cm. The doctor decided she should go home and sleep. He sent her home at about 3:30 am. I felt soor sorry for poor Michaela. She was exhausted. We spent the rest of the night at their house and waited until she got up this afternoon.

There weren't any contractions after she got up, so it looks like the baby wasn't ready to come yet. The due date is next Sunday, so my wife is holding out hope that she'll wait. That's Easter Sunday, and she thinks it would be cool.

I think Michaela would just as soon get this thing over.

I'll do another update on big news from my friend, Becky.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Review of "Why Whisper?" by Joanne V. Mazzotta

I bought this book months ago as a resource to deal with serious grief problems I was having. Since that time, I've gotten to know Joanne Mazzotta through social media and consider her a friend. She is a lovely woman with a delightful sense of humor and a deep wisdom. Joanne is an old soul.

I didn't have the courage to read this book until a week ago. It sat on my Kindle, and I'd pass it by each time I selected a new book. I always thought,"Not yet." I am thankful that I finally opened it. This book is a tremendous resource not just for survivors of suicide but for anyone dealing with grief. I felt many of the same emotions expressed by Joanne. I cried at points reading her story. Sometimes, I would wake my wife so I could read her a portion of it as I stayed up late at night unable to turn off my Kindle. I got to know her beloved Danny. I travelled through a large portion of her life and truly felt like all of Joanne's children and weebles were my friends. I was shocked at the utter honesty at points. Nothing is hidden from the reader which is the main point of whole thing. Why whisper? It is a gripping story.

Yet Joanne is just a regular woman. But for the grace of God, this could be any of us. Joanne just had the courage to tell her story.

This is such an honest look at suicide, death, family, religion, and what's important that I recommend it to anyone. It's worth reading. I've read many other books about grief but none quite like this one. Most are more like a "how to" manual. Joanne's is a journey through a real life. If you have yet to experience grief that rocks you to your soul, consider yourself lucky. We all will at some point. This story will show you that you're not alone.

Thank you, Joanne.

Why Whisper?