Thursday, July 26, 2012


It's amazing what can stir up memories. My first book "SAT & BAF!" was sparked by re-gaining contact with one of my old team leaders from Germany. He sent me a message on facebook that reminded me of what an amazing, life-changing experience we had over there. That flooded into the book. The memories came back so fast that I could barely get them down on paper.

I tried to find as many of the main characters as I could when the book first came out. I wanted to send all of them a copy. They're really why I wrote the book. It isn't that I think my experiences were all that amazing. It's not that I was some kind of super-soldier. I was just one of millions. I wrote it for all of us. I think I was pretty typical of the American soldiers who served overseas in the Cold War. Yes, we were a unique unit that did an important job, but everybody did something we did. I wrote the book for the guys who were next to me literally and for the million who were figuratively. It's a book for the Cold War warrior.

Well, a week or so ago a fan showed up on my Author page on facebook. He's one of the main characters I couldn't find. I tried very hard to track him down because he played such an important role in my life and in the book. I heard from his old roommate that he stayed in the Army and went on to become a helicopter pilot, but the last contact he'd had was in the mid-'90s. Since then, he'd just dropped off the face of the earth. The last time I saw him was in a chow hall at Fort Carson around 1989. Then he showed up on my fan page! I sent a friend request, but I hadn't heard anything back...until early this morning when I got this message.

"Doug, I just finished SAT & BAF! in one sitting. Thank you brother for a fascinating journey through some of the most cherished memories of my life."

Gregory A. Mc(deleted) aka Egghead

That's exactly why I wrote this book.


  1. Doug,
    I will say the times we had in Germany were fond and really demonstrated a time in history where soldiers had a unique opportunity to exercise their freedoms. Soldiers that served in the 2-4 IN in particular C Company during the time I was there were the best men in the Army I ever served with. After 20+ years of service it is great to read this book and have our memories recorded for others to read so they might experience in some fashion the "Cold War" as we lived it.
    God Bless and see you on the other side. C Co 2-4 IN 86-89
    SSG Marvin Wideman 1984-1989 US Army and 1997-2012 US Army Retired

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Marvin. Same to you, brother, and enjoy your retirement. You earned it.

    2. ...and for everybody else, that's the old team leader I was talking about.

  2. I'm glad "Egghead" was finally able to read your book, even if all your efforts in trying to locate him seemed futile. What can I say? God works in mysterious ways.

  3. I think it is so awesome that he not only found your book but he found you as well. I'm so glad that he liked it.

    I agree with Norma Budden...God does work in mysterious ways.