Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review of "Bloody Omaha: My Remembrances of That Day"

Bloody Omaha - My Remembrances of That Day by James Robert Copeland is different from most military memoirs. It isn't a harrowing account of back to back battles with non-stop action. It's just the story of one, regular guy from West Virginia. That regular guy happened to be a U.S. Army Ranger on the beaches of Normandy. We get to learn about Mr. Copeland's life from beginning to end in this book, and the war is really a pretty small part of the book. This is the story of an ordinary man taking part in extraordinary events. It is the story of America. I enjoyed it.
This book isn't written by a professional historian or writer. It's written by someone who knows J. R. Copeland. There's a bit of hero worship in it, and the writing could be better in places. That doesn't detract from the value of the story, though. In no place did it prevent me from following and enjoying the story.
"Bloody Omaha" is well worth the price I paid for it. I appreciate hearing Mr. Copeland's story. We've been losing thousands of these stories a week for years. Before long, there won't be anyone left to tell them. I was very pleased to see Mr. Copeland had the chance to tell his before it was too late. This isn't "Saving Private Ryan", but, then again, neither was the war for most people. It's a good book worth picking up. I say who cares if there's some hero worship in this book.
Men like Mr. Copeland deserve a bit of hero worship.

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