Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Becca Lee Roberts music!!

I don't think there have been any updates on my friend, Becky, in a while. Well, there is new Becca Lee Roberts music!! She spent a week in Nashville earlier in the month recording two new, original singles. The first one was mastered last night and is now available for a listen on Reverbnation!! The title of this song is "Dangerous Game", and she is very happy with it. I first heard this song on the phone just before she left for the studio. She'd just finished the first verse and chorus.

It came out great. You can hear it along with her entire Christmas Album (Christmas Lullaby) for free on Reverbnation.

Dangerous Game by Becca Lee Roberts

It will be available in the Amazon MP3 store and on Itunes within a few weeks. Once the entire record is finished, she'll release the CD!!

Everybody have a great day. It's snowing again here, but summer is just around the corner. Smile and be kind.


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