Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Review of Jesse James: The Man and The Myth by Marley Brant

I have a growing collection of books related to the guerilla war in Missouri and bushwhacker's. This book will become a permanent member of it. I enjoyed reading it.

This is a well written book that flows. The narrative stayed interesting to the very end. It examines a lot of things that were claimed about the James brother and Jesse in particular with a critical eye. Many possible myths are explored as well as some facts somewhat confirmed. It tells more about Jesse's family than I've seen in other books and follows his many moves admirably.

This book does not talk about the war and Jesse's participation as much as I would have liked nor does it include a whole lot of new information about his outlaw exploits. It's not the best book I've read on Jesse James, but it is worth reading. It has a new home on my bookshelf.

Jesse James: The Man and The Myth

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