Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Random thoughts on D-Day...

Well, here it is D-Day. I always think of that. My unit at Fort Carson (1/8 Infantry) had a Presidential Citation for being the first unit on the beach at Utah Beach. I read the citation on the wall at battalion headquarters one night while I was doing CQ duty. It was the original signed by the president. The first unit on the beach. That little piece of ribbon on our uniforms was for that.

I always try to remember that.

General Teddy Roosevelt, Jr. received the Medal of Honor leading the 8th Infantry Regiment (my regiment) onto Utah Beach that day. He was the only general to land by sea on D-Day in the first wave. He was 56 years old!

It's simply awe inspiring. I hope everyone takes a minute today to remember that day sixty-eight years ago. There are almost none of them left. It's up to us to remember.


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