Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Review of "Traditional Bowyer's Bible Volume 4" by Jim Hamm

I've been a subscriber to Primitive Archer Magazine for many years. I read it from a historical, archaeological perspective for a long time. It's just fascinating. These books were written by a group of regular contributors to the magazine and participants at the lively message board. I bought the first three volumes when I finally decided to make the leap into creating my own wooden bows. It is fabulous. This fourth volume is an excellent update with the latest research. I ordered it as soon as it was released. It has a wonderful overview of various woods and their performance. For a skill that's thousands of years old, we still learn all the time. It's amazing how much we have to re-learn that our ancestors just knew. I've read all four books cover to cover multiple times. I recommend this set for anyone with an interest in a simpler life. One of my life goals is to harvest a deer with gear I made completely myself.

Using these books, a person can take a tree, some cane, and a few pieces of rock and create an efficient, deadly weapon. If you want to learn about making wooden bows and other primitive archery gear, this is the set of books to own. Primitive archery is more than a hobby. It's a lifestyle. Try it, and you'll see. It gets in your soul.

Traditional Bowyer's Bible: Volume 4

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