Thursday, June 14, 2012

Review of "Memoirs of a Holocaust Survivor: Icek Kuperberg" by Icek Kuperberg

I bought this book months ago and kept it on my Kindle waiting for a time when I felt prepared to read it. I'm so glad I bought it. "Memoirs of a Holocaust Survivor: Icek Kuperberg" is a tremendous addition to the historical record. It was uplifting and heartbreaking at the same time. Mr. Kuperberg is a survivor. Listening to him tell all he went through to make it through the war was extremely moving. To hear the words of a man who survived Auschwitz and Buchenwald with not only his life but his spirit intact is something anyone who's a member of the human race can learn from. Seeing the way he used his talents, wits, and will to make it moved me.

I've seen criticism in other reviews of the style. I must disagree strongly with that criticism. As the story progressed, I found myself hearing Mr. Kuperberg's voice talking to me. It was transcribed directly from tapes, and it's told the way he remembered it. Additional backstory or dialogue would make it seem contrived and fake. As it's written, it seemed authentic. It's told in his voice. Last night, I literally started hearing his voice in my head. That's when I knew it worked. I think it came across in a way that made the story very real. It's his story. The book was well edited and clear. It's just one man telling his story. It's a story that everyone should hear.

I thank him and everyone else who helped put this together. I recommend this book to anyone.

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