Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Review of "The Naked Truth About Hedonism II" by Chris Santilli

My wife and I are having a fifteenth anniversary next year, and we're considering a trip to Jamaica. As I was researching Jamaica trips, I kept having Hedonism II pop up in searches for things we enjoy doing. Hedonism II!! I always thought that was a swinger place! Well, as I started reading reviews of Hedo II, I realized that my perception wasn't completely acccurate. Hedo can be that. It can also be a lot of other things. It kept showing up in my searches, so I needed to learn more. This book by Chis Santilli kept showing up as one of the best resources to learn more about Hedo, so I grabbed a copy. I'm glad I did!

Ms. Santilli does a great job of explaining what Hedo is and what Hedo isn't. She covers a lot of areas that only a many time repeat customer such as her would even know. She thoroughly explains Hedo and gives a lot of information that's useful to anyone travelling to Jamaica. Her stories, pictures, and the stories of other Hedo regulars she shares are priceless to anybody considering a trip there.

...and she's FUNNY!!

I'd recommend this book to anybody considering a trip to Jamaica with an open mind. If nudity offends you, don't buy this book because most of the pictures are nude. Then again, if nudity offends you...I doubt if you've even heard of Hedo II! I don't know if we'll ever take a trip there, but this book was enjoyable and my wife wants to read it now. We're still probably going to take a trip to Jamaica either way. This book allows us to make an informed decision as to whether it might be at Hedo.

That makes it quite valuable. My copy was autographed by the author as well.

The Naked Truth About Hedonism II

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