Saturday, June 30, 2012

Review of "Our Father's War" by Julie Thomas and Hal Thomas

I enjoyed "Our Father's War" very much. I read a lot of World War II history and history in general, but I particularly enjoy reading the stories of the regular men and women who fought it. This collection is extremely rare and valuable. First of all, it's from a fighter pilot. I haven't read a lot of their stories. I also don't know if I've ever read a WW-II memoir from a New Zealander. This is a great collection.

Hal Thomas had quite a sense of humor which made this book very readable. I enjoyed getting to know him through his letters. The book is spiced with enough of the war to remind us that it's a deadly serious business Mr. Thomas is in, but the off duty travels and hijinks lent a realism. It's just a great addition to World War II literature.

I realize Julie Thomas put this together for the younger members of her family. It is a treasure for anyone who'd like to see World War II from a different perspective.

Our Father's War

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