Monday, June 11, 2012

Review of "Babe Ruth As I Knew Him" by Waite Hoyt

"Babe Ruth As I Knew Him" by Waite Hoyt is a rare piece of baseball history. As a teammate on two teams, Hoyt knew Ruth well. His insight is fascinating and valuable. I enjoyed watching the evolution of Ruth from a young, impulsive kid into a superstar. Hoyt works in enough of Ruth's personal life to make this a biography of Ruth worth reading. It has numerous illustrations. Some of them were a little hard to read on a Kindle, but I enjoyed the pictures.

This is a book that would be enjoyed by anyone with an interest in baseball history. There are a couple of minor formatting problems in the Kindle edition and it's not a masterpiece in biographical literature. Hoyt's style can probably be described as "down home". It is a quick, interesting read that I enjoyed, though. The list of records Ruth held at retirement is worth the price of admission. It goes on for pages at the end of the book. Baseball is a sport built on statistics, and I found these truly interesting.

I recommend this book to any baseball fan.

Babe Ruth As I Knew Him

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