Thursday, June 7, 2012

Review of "The Execution of Justice" by Michael Phelps

"The Execution of Justice" by Michael Phelps is an extremely realistic police story. Having spent my entire life in and around law enforcement, I was very impressed with the authenticity of this story. For a work of fiction, it comes across as very real. We follow Detective Mike Walsh through his first year as a homicide detective and see how the career move impacts his professional and personal life. I grew to know and like these characters.

There were several interesting quirks in this novel that I grew to enjoy as the story progressed. I won't spoil it by stating them, but I think you'll notice as you read. Certain details are included regularly that I first found unusual until I figured out that they were laying a groundwork. They're expanding the characterization. They add a realism that I found well done. Read this book all the way to the end, and I think you'll enjoy it.

This isn't a shoot-em-up thriller. It's the real life of a police officer. Much of the book is spent behind a desk and many of the overtime hours are spent pounding the pavement just like in real police work. This is an excellent debut novel, and I look forward to more work by Michael Phelps. "The Execution of Justice" was worth the read.

The Execution of Justice

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